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The Crooked Tree Coffee House owes its name to the “crooked tree” that has inspired many a generation of Saint Charles residents to take pictures, watch for the springtime blossoms, and  relax and play under the broad catalpa leaves at the corner of First Capitol and Kingshighway. Legend has it that a great and compassionate Indian chief was laid to rest under that catalpa tree. The tree was so saddened at his passing that it bowed over his grave, never to stand straight again.

Now the crooked tree has inspired a great cup of coffee at 559 First Capitol Drive in Saint

Come in and relax at the Crooked Tree Coffee House and enjoy a great meal and exceptional coffee and coffee drinks. You are always welcome at The Crooked Tree Coffee House.
We are a family owned and operated coffee house and cafe. Open seven days a week, we  serve everything coffee and espresso. We are also well known for our full breakfast menu, and a lunch menu that features crepes, sandwiches, wraps and salads. Mostly, we serve a warm comfortable space where you can escape the daily hassles, maybe meet a friend, and relax.

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