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Brewed Coffee

In House or
To Go.....  

   12 oz.     16 oz.  or    20 oz.

Espresso Drinks

Cafe Latte

Espresso and frothed milk.

Speciality Latte


Espresso, steamed milk, and a large head of foam..

Cafe Mocha

Espresso, frothed milk and chocolate.

Cafe Americano

Espresso and hot water.

Java Jolt

Espresso and brewed coffee.

Espresso Shot

For the purest out there.

The Nut

All nut flavors with coconut, caramel, steamed milk and espresso. 

All The Single Ladies

Chocolate, amaretto,  strawberry, steamed milk and espresso..

El Corazon

Rose, Vanilla, steamed milk and espresso.

Irish Villain

Irish cream, white chocolate, steamed milk and espresso

Praline Panther

Butter Pecan, Caramel, steamed milk and espresso. 


Blended latte's with espresso and great flavors

Snicker Bar

Chocolate, carmel, hazel nut, milk and espresso. Iced blended.

Orange Dreamsicle

Orange, white chocolate, milk and espresso. Iced blended.

Caramel Cloud

White chocolate, carmel, milk and espresso. Iced blended.



Georgia On My Mind

Peach and vanilla.

Berry Boost

Berries, More berries and protein powder

The "Hulk"

Mango, Banana, Spinach, With protein Powder

Strawnana Banberry

Strawberry and banana.



Chai Tea Latte

Steamed chai tea with steamed milk and a dash of cinnamon

Matcha Latte

Matcha powder with steamed milk, lightly sweetened with vanilla

Italian Soda

You can choose any flavors including strawberry, cherry, lime, orange, blueberry, mango, raspberry, or coconut..

Freshed Brewed Iced Tea

Unsweetend, black tea. Freshly brewed every day.

Hot Tea
We serve Numi hot tea, the flavors include: chamomile lemon, honey bush, ginger lemon, maté lemon, earl grey, and English breakfast


Muffins : blueberry, cranberry walnut, mocha turtle

Cinnamon Rolls

Scones: blueberry or Apple pie

Chocolate chip cookies

Gluten free: chocolate chip banana bread, peanut butter cookie (vegan)

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